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Do you have a significant event to plan in the near future? Maybe you are planning a spectacular birthday celebration, a 50th wedding anniversary, or a family reunion. You may be in charge of a more intimate gathering to celebrate someone or something of great importance to you. Regardless of the celebration, choosing a suitable space from one of the many party venues and event venues in Utah will enhance the experience for you and your guests to make your event unforgettable.

When planning an event, the first thing to come to most people’s minds is “What will this cost?” Due to the lack of price transparency online, it may be hard to estimate how much an event venue will be. Utah event venues can vary significantly in cost due to a variety of factors that we discuss more in detail below. Most venues in Utah range widely from $100 to $2,000 per hour. Price depends on the space and what is included, such as catering, A/V equipment, tables, chairs, and more. It is essential to request a proposal from a venue’s event planning team to know what is included and how much an event will cost you.  

What Factors Affect the Cost of Utah Event Venues?

Five main event factors affect the cost of your venue. We discuss these factors in detail below. They include the:

  • facility 
  • location
  • date and time
  • attendance
  • event extras

These factors are why a clear-cut price on Utah event venue rentals is often not available online. To know what is included and what to expect for your event, you need to reach out to a venue’s event planner for further information about your specific event. 

The Facility Needed for Your Event: Considering Restaurants, Warehouses, and Event Centers in Utah

Knowing precisely what kind of event you want to host helps you narrow down the type of space you will need. For example, a warehouse may be the best fit for your event if you are hosting a low-key, standing-only dance party. A restaurant or event center may be a better fit if you plan on having a catered meal. A corporate meeting that includes presentations, slideshows, or multiple activities, may best fit an event center with multiple rooms.

Here are other questions to ask yourself as you consider the facility needed:

  • Will I need a special kind of space or layout?
  • Will I need multiple rooms or one large area?
  • Will my event be formal or informal?
  • Will I need additional staff present at my event?

The price tag of your event is affected by the type of facility you choose and what is included in the rental.

The Location

The location also affects the price tag. In downtown Salt Lake and downtown Provo, as well as the Salt Lake Valley, where space is more of a premium, large event venues can be pricey. In more rural areas, event spaces are more affordable. 

The Date and Time of Your Event

The season, the date, and the time of your event can all affect the cost. Summer events, holidays, and weekends will be more costly. Evening events also tend to be more expensive. Planning your event on weekdays and shoulder seasons can help lower the cost and increase your chosen venue’s availability. 

The Attendance of Your Event

The size or attendance of your event will also affect the price tag. Smaller venues, some of which are more affordable, cannot accommodate a large crowd; there is generally a cap for attendees to these events. Larger event centers in Utah can accommodate more people and include additional rooms or outdoor space to expand the area of your party. Larger spaces are more expensive to rent, but the price per person generally decreases depending on how many you plan on attending.

Event Extras: What to Budget For Outside of the Venue Rental

The cost of the venue may or may not include the event extras discussed below. It is important to carefully review each quote you receive and plan accordingly depending on what is and is not included. Generally, more affordable venues do not have extras, and you will need to pay more for rentals, services, and delivery. Extras include:


Catering is sometimes included with event venues in Utah. Some venues have different options, such as drinks only, informal dining, or formal dining. Other spaces do not have catering services available, and you will need to arrange and pay for those services on your own. Make sure you understand what is included when discussing catering. Waitstaff, dishes and utensils, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, and self-serve or dining options may all affect the cost.


Insurance is recommended and sometimes included for a significant event. Should a cancellation occur for various reasons, insurance can help cover any costs you or the venue have incurred. 


Security personnel are sometimes required by the venue and may affect cost. You may also wish to clarify parking options, valet services, and coat room checks for the safety and convenience of your guests. 


Some event centers provide in-house entertainment, whereas others offer a space for you to provide your own entertainment. Clarify what is available and included in your rental, such as A/V equipment, performance space, lighting, etc.

Equipment Rentals

Know what equipment is included and what needs to be provided, including chairs, tables, A/V equipment, kitchens, shade tents for outdoor spaces, and more.


Know what decor will be provided, such as floral arrangements, tablecloths, centerpieces, artwork, etc. and what you may need or want to provide on your own.

Other Items and Services

Consider any other special items or spaces needed for your particular event. Consider and review setup and clean-up in your event planning. Ensure they are included in the proposal or that the venue can accommodate your requirements.

How to Plan an Event in Utah that Fits Your Budget

Planning a successful event takes time. You can plan an event that fits your budget with enough time and dedication to detail. First, research and review multiple venues that appear to fit your needs. Request proposals from your top venues and then examine what is included and what is not.

Calculate the total cost for each location based on the proposals and what may still be needed from you. Remember to weigh in the importance of convenience to your decision. If a venue charges more but provides more services and items, choosing them may be worth it and save you time, stress, and hassle.

Event planning can be and is a full-time job. Often, large venues have an event planning staff capable and excited to provide excellent event planning for you. If you do not have the time and know-how to plan for a large event, consider hiring out the bulk of your event planning and leave time for yourself to plan the unique details. When reviewing proposals and quotes, weigh the cost and importance of convenience and time.

Plan Your Event at Zermatt: One of the Top Party Venues in Utah

Just under an hour away from both Salt Lake City and Provo is the Zermatt Resort & Spa. Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains in the idyllic town of Midway, Utah, Zermatt is a stunning event venue center with a wide range of rooms and outdoor spaces to fit your needs. From intimate rooms that accommodate small groups of 30 people to a large ballroom that can accommodate 500 people to 1,000 people — the largest in Utah and the Mountain West — we are one of the top event centers in Utah with space to fit your needs.

Visit our website to see the variety of conference rooms available, including the size, shape, banquet capability, theater seating, and more of each event room. You can view photos, room capabilities, and floorplans to ensure that the room(s) you choose can meet the needs of your events.

Our surroundings are stunning, and our accommodations are first-class. From our full food and beverage catering services and award-winning bakery to our superior facilities and state-of-the-art audio and visual conference rooms, we are experienced in hosting a variety of events. We cater and host multiple gatherings, from corporate and business meetings to social celebrations and family get-togethers.

We are well-equipped to host any event and look forward to serving you. Our attention to detail, flexible event options and friendly personal service also set us apart. Contact our exceptional event planning team today with a proposal request and get all your planning needs met. If you’re searching for venues in Utah, we would be honored to host your next event.