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Hot cocoa. A gentle snowfall. A warm blanket. Staying inside during winter can be refreshing, but getting outside and enjoying brisk, fun winter activities can make wonderful memories for you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking for prime winter activities in Utah, the Zermatt Resort and the city of Midway have so much to offer. Here is our suggested list of things to do in Midway when you visit during the winter. We encourage you to create a checklist based on these suggestions to make your visit unforgettable.

Outdoor Recreation


Skiing in Utah's Wasatch Front - Winter activities in Utah

You can’t mention Utah winters without skiing or snowboarding. Utah is home to “The Best Snow on Earth,” so this state takes its skiing and snowboarding seriously. Near Midway, you have plenty of options for winter sports, including the Sundance Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and Park City Mountain Resort.

All ski resorts offer options for beginning riders and professionals and ski instruction from helpful and friendly staff. Take a day to explore the slopes and take breaks at their comfortable lodges to warm up and get back on the snow.

Approximate cost: $129+ per person


Snowmobiling in Utah - Utah winter activities

Ready for an adrenaline rush in the winter mountains? The wind in your face and a powerful machine at your feet? Snowmobiling will be the right fit for you. Mirror Lake, Mill Hollow, and Strawberry are tremendous areas for snowmobiling that will give you the full splendor of the Wasatch Mountains.

We at Zermatt recommend the vendor at Daniels Summit for an impressive fleet of snowmobiles, including guided and unguided rides.

Approximate cost: $220 per person


Snow Tubing - Winter activities in Utah

What is tubing? Imagine sledding but in a large inflatable tube shaped like a donut. Soldier Hollow was built in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics, but since then, it’s been open to the public as a resort for tubing and cross-country skiing.

A pass for Soldier Hollow’s tubing session lasts two hours and is enjoyable for everyone in the family. If you’re hosting a large group of people, Soldier Hollow even offers discounts and special packages outside normal public hours.

Approximate cost: $40 per person

Local Attractions

The Midway Ice Castles

The Midway Ice Castles - Winter attractions in Utah

Ready to see something from out of a storybook? The Midway Ice Castles are famous for their tall, icy formations and their dazzling array of colors. Make sure you plan ahead, though—the Ice Castles are usually only open for a few weeks. The area serves concessions you can enjoy while exploring, and there’s a horse-drawn sleigh ride that’s fun for your entire family. The Midway Ice Castles are a dazzling excursion after the sun sets.

Approximate cost: $17-25 per person

The Midway Ice Rink

Ice Skating at Midway Ice Rink - Winter Attractions in Utah

Love ice skating? If you do, Midway is the home to Utah’s largest outdoor skating rink! It’ll be your place to enjoy leisurely ice skating with loved ones while overlooking the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Fun fact: The Midway Ice Rink uses a refrigeration unit that was used at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City!

Approximate cost: $8 per person

Heber Valley Railroad

Heber Valley Railroad - Winter attractions in Utah

Affectionately called the “Heber Creeper,” the Heber Valley Railroad uses classic steam locomotives to take locals and visitors on fun and relaxing rides around the valley. Most excursions on the Heber Valley Railroad last less than two hours, and the railroad includes tons of themed rides like the Chocolate Lovers Train, the Rock n’ Roll Train, the Chinese New Year Train, and many more.

Approximate cost: $20 per person

Homestead Crater

Park City Yoga Adventures at Homestead Crater in Utah

Park City Yoga Adventures at Homestead Crater | Image Credit to Andy Jenkins. Sourced from

The Homestead Crater, on the Homestead Resort, is a naturally occurring geothermal pool. It stretches 65 feet deep and maintains an average temperature of 95 degrees. The Crater presents opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, a casual swim, or just hanging out with family and friends. Staff also provide life jackets, so even your little ones can enjoy the warm, mineral-rich water.

Approximate cost: $18 per person

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT - Winter activities in Utah

Don’t forget the Sundance Film Festival in nearby Park City! The Sundance Film Festival is globally recognized and held every January in Park City, Utah. The festival is your chance to view upcoming films that haven’t been released in theaters and contend for prestigious awards. Plus, the festival is your chance to bump into celebrities around Park City! Just make sure to be polite when you ask for a picture.

Approximate cost: $30+ per person

Visit Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

Visit Zermatt Resort

The Zermatt Resort is a world-renowned luxury resort—the crown jewel of Midway, Utah. Our resort features fine dining, a wellness spa, corporate events and meeting spaces, and Swiss-inspired architecture that will dazzle and inspire you.

When you visit beautiful Midway, let the staff at the Zermatt Resort create a comfortable and luxurious experience for you. We can’t wait to serve you. Book your stay at Zermatt today.