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Though we spend many hours with coworkers in our workplace, it’s essential to mix up time spent together in different ways. Many companies choose to do this by taking their teams on company retreats. These other getaways allow companies to improve communication, boost morale, and inspire more effective teamwork.

Before you take your team on a corporate retreat, you’ll have to decide where to go. There are plenty of company retreat locations in Utah, but Zermatt in Midway is an exceptional team-building destination for many reasons, including its seemingly neverending list of recreation opportunities. If you’re looking for an idea for corporate retreats in Utah, here are some you can experience in our beautiful area.

    1. Explore the Utah Mountains on a Memorable Trail

      hiking in midway utah
      Whether you’re on two feet or two wheels, Midway and the Heber Valley offer some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Utah. Taking your team out for a refreshing morning hike or invigorating mountain biking excursion will help them make memories together in a beautiful setting. Take things casual on the Cascade Springs Interpretive Trail or take an adventurous hike up the Alpine Summit Trail. You can’t go wrong no matter which trail you choose for hiking or biking.

    2. Tee Off with Your Crew

      golfing in midway utah
      Golfing is the perfect casual activity to lighten the mood and get your team chatting in a fun environment. While staying at Zermatt, you can choose from three nearby golf courses: Homestead Golf Course, Wasatch Mountain Golf Course, and Soldier Hollow Golf Course. Each golf course offers an exceptional golfing experience. Homestead Golf Course is located directly across the street from Zermatt, offering a convenient option during your stay.

    3. Experience Fly Fishing

      fly fishing in midway utah
      Has your team always wanted to experience the relaxation of fly fishing on a beautiful river? When you stay at our resort, you’ll have the convenient opportunity to fly fish on the nearby Provo River. Professional and experienced guides will assist you with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Learn the basics of fly fishing while you experience the relaxing sounds of nature, the cool water on your legs, and viewing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

    4. Get Brave and Zipline

      ziplining in midway utah
      If your team is ready to take some risks, then ziplining might be a great option for you. Ziplining at Zipline Utah gives your team a unique, exciting challenge to overcome. The Screaming Falcon Course, located next to Deer Creek Reservoir, is the world’s longest continuous zip line course. Experience the thrill of flying through the fresh mountain air while enjoying all our scenic views.

    5. Take it Slow on Horseback

      horseback riding in midway utah
      There’s nothing quite like viewing the beauty of the mountains on the back of a horse. Taking your team on a horseback riding experience is truly one of the most unique company retreat ideas that your team will remember for years to come. Rocky Mountain Outfitters, the award-winning adventure guides in the Heber Valley, can custom-tailor their riding experiences for any level of rider. Saddle up on a sure-footed horse and take a ride on a beautiful scenic trail.

    6. Zip Around in a RZR

      RZR and ATV adventures in midway utah
      Does your team want to experience the outdoors in a thrilling way that’ll leave them a little dusty? Gather everyone together for a RZR rental. These side-by-side ATVs (also known as UTVs) are off-road vehicles meant to be driven in many different kinds of terrain. Go tearing up a trail straight to the top of a mountain, or sign up for a group UTV scavenger hunt for your team. They’ll love this part of the corporate retreat!

    7. Take a Dip at The Crater

      The crater in midway utah
      Located within walking distance of your room at Zermatt is one of the most unique company retreat activities you can experience–swimming in a geothermal spring hidden within a tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock. Swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and even paddleboard yoga are all things you can do while in The Crater. The water stays naturally warm in the winter, making this a perfect year-round activity.

    8. Hit the Slopes to Experience the Greatest Snow on Earth

      skiing near midway utah
      Zermatt is conveniently located next to several world-class ski resorts where your team can experience the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Choose from Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Ski Resort, and Sundance Mountain Resort for the perfect day on the slopes. Team members not up for skiing or snowboarding can spend the day relaxing in the ski resort lodge. No matter what activity your team members choose, you can’t go wrong with this company retreat idea.

    9. Explore the Winter Wonderland on a Snowmobile

      snowmobile rides in midway utah
      Alternatively, those who aren’t up for hitting the slopes but want to experience the vast winter wonderland of the Utah mountains can experience snowmobiling. There are plenty of areas to explore while on a snowmobile, including Mirror Lake, Mill Hollow, and Strawberry. Grab a machine and hit the 40 miles of groomed trails. You’ll see high mountain meadows, peaks, and plenty of play areas while on the back of your machine.

    10. Take Advantage of all the Resort Amenities at Zermatt

      kayaking near midway utah

      Where you stay on your corporate retreat is your most important decision. You’ll want to stay at a unique, comfortable resort with plenty of amenities to keep your team happy and busy. Our Swiss-themed Midway, Utah luxury resort is unlike any other resort in Utah and has many things for your team to do. Your group can swim, soak in the relaxing hot tub, or play a casual game of pool in the lounge area. Tennis courts, giant chess boards, shuffleboards, miniature golf, and sand volleyball courts help your team pass the time with fun, team-building exercises.

      Zermatt also offers exceptional dining experiences at our restaurants, including Z’s Restaurant, the Lobby Lounge, and the Bakery. And for the ultimate in relaxation? Our world-class spa offers facials, massages, and much more.

    The Corporate Retreat Activities are Endless at Zermatt

    Finding company retreat ideas that tick all the boxes are few and far between. Zermatt offers your team plenty of unique and once-in-a-lifetime team-building experiences that will bring them closer together. Everyone wants to book a company retreat that will keep your employees talking for months afterward, and that retreat is Zermatt. Make finding the perfect corporate retreat in Utah an easy decision–book our Midway event space for your retreat today.